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        The C6 series

        The C6 series is pick and place multi-site automatic handler, especially for tray, which is suitable for QFP, LQFP, PLCC, BGA, PGA, LGA packages. It has 4 test position, 3 automatic tray outputs, 3 manual tray outputs, a variety of different specifications tray can be tested only with a few Kit replacing, The C6 series has gained a good reputation from major users for the high UPH, low failure rate and high reliability performance.

        1 test position: 4 test position
        2 applies to the circuit: 4 * 4-40 * 40, pitch≥0.4MM
        3 Unloader : 3 automatic tray outputs, 3 manual tray outputs
        4 Test Interface: TTL (standard), RS232 (optional), GPIB (optional)
        5 Control System: PC Control +19 inch LCD + mouse + keyboard
        6.UPH: greater than 7.5K

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